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What Drives Us!

The Swaida-American community has grown to become several hundred families strong. Being dispersed throughout the states has deepened our desire to come together into one large family. 

Who We Are! 

The Swaida American Society is as a volunteer effort to start our journey as a nonprofit, non-political, and non-religious organization, aiming to channel the community's efforts toward its shared goals.

Our initial plan to organize a National Convention in the summer of 2020 was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic till next year. Hence, we opted to use this transitional period to engage our community, to learn more about its interests, and to develop projects towards achieving them.

To assure the professionalism and success of this growing Society from inception, a Board of Trustees was formed of early volunteers, and a Board of Directors was elected to implement this collective effort.

What We Do!

We envision our efforts in the upcoming period to focus on bonding our community through the Swaida American Family project. In addition, we aim to preserve and enhance our heritage of a close-knit community through publications and activities that engages our youth.

Together, we aim to empower our members with educational activities, and by enhancing professional mentorship, networking, and social entrepreneurship through the Swaida American Businesses platform, with a focus on newcomers and young community members. 

​Through such collaborations, we can help bring our individual efforts to give back, into group volunteering projects such as our medical and legal counseling programs, as well as emergency charitable efforts aiming to serve our US community and country of origin. 

Future Directions!

​​We eagerly look forward to the opportunity of growing this humble effort in the transitional period with volunteers from our community. We are also thrilled to invite you to join Swaida American Family to stay connected and informed about our various activities.

We are hopeful the circumstances would allow us to organize our first annual National Convention in the Summer of 2021 to culminate the establishment of SAS, and engage our community with paid membership and elections to move this organization forward.



Alaa Abu Sayf, MI

Atallah Hoshan, FL

Bashar Jarkasy, MA

Bassem Azkul, NH

Chaker Diab, MI

Emad Aboud, AR

Faouzi Barouki, CA

Ghassan Al-Chaar, IL

Lisa Rima Assed, TX

Majd AlGhatrif , MD

Nabil Elfakih , MA

Najim Saymuah, MI

Nasser Janbay, OK

Samer Khwaiss, IL

Samir Sharaf Aldin , TX

Sanaa Alaisami Baraki, GA

Saud Attrache, CA

Saud Habib, VA

Tammam Abou-Assaf, GA

Wajdi Hamza, MA

Walid Rafih, NJ

Zaid Hatoum, PA

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