Our Vision

We aspire to instill the value professional networking and collaboration within our community to thrive and contribute positively to our new and ancestral societies.

Our Mission

Enhancing social entrepreneurship, cooperation and mutual support between our members is essential to overcome the regional and global economic challenges.


We aim to achieve our goals through the following Programs:

  1. Swaida-American Businesses Platform: 

    • Build a directory of professionals and members-owned businesses on the SAS website.

    • Provide a platform to post job offers and requests in the community.

    • Help promoting businesses, projects and professional initiatives of our members through our social media platforms.

    • Register your business OR professional expertise in the contact form below.

  2. Mentorship Program 

    • Embrace newcomers to the US to help them integrate in the American culture and economy.

    • Consultation and mentorship services to new entrepreneurs through a team of SAS Community’s entrepreneurs and successful businessmen and professionals.

    • Mentor young individuals, and beginners of their careers.

    • Conducting seminars virtually, and during conventions to our young generation, especially high school student, to help them shape up their professional dreams.

    • Please place your request below whether you are a mentee (seeking mentorship) or have specific skills and expertise and are willing to volunteer as a mentor (offer guidance).

  3. Social Entrepreneurship Program: ​


Design, secure funding, and implement sustainable socioeconomic development projects in our communities in Swaida and the US. Important projects are in the making!

News Letter

Stay tuned for seminar announcements, project reports, economic studies, and much more 

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