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Our Swaida American community has many physicians, pharmacists, and nurses who are eager to put their knowledge in the service of our community members in Swaida and in the US.  While several of us have been already helping in this direction, we aim to further expand these efforts and organize them under SAS in three programs:


Medical Consultations Program

We are working on building infrastructure that connects volunteer health care providers in the US and Swaida to collaborate on alleviating the suffering of our patients in need. 

Public Health Education Program

We will start a public health education program including starting July 2020 webinars public relevant health problem and concern facing our community. Please follow our SAS Facebook page for schedule of Webinars to come soon.

Professional Development Program 

This program aims to exchanges medical experience and knowledge between health care providers in the US and Swaida through routine virtual and home-coming conferences and lectures. In addition, we will provide guidance to medical students and physicians aiming to continue their education in the US. Please, contact us with any questions regarding this concern.  


We aspire to be able to help to a greater extent in the future by providing medical supplies and equipment’s to support health care centers in Swaida whenever possible.

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