Who We Are


SAS is incorporated in Washington DC and tax-exempted under 501 (c)(3) code of the IRS with EIN number 85-0864320. SAS is committed to delivering to its charitable mission in full compliance with US regulations, which prohibit the use of personal fundraisers and remittances to provide charitable donations (article §542.512, B).

Accordingly, SAS partners with Syriana program Swaida Sustainable Aid and Development, which volunteers its experienced staff and advanced compliance program to supporting humanitarian work in Syria, at no cost to our donors, while assuring full compliance with US and international regulations.

Ongoing Projects

Monthly Family Assistance: Donations are open for this program using the link above (note on the memo "family assistance"). Thanks to the generous donation for our members, we distribute monthly food baskets to 100 disenfranchised families in Swaida's underserved areas. This effort is joined with additional 300 baskets/month distributed by Syriana-SSAD through another fund secured by our sister organization.

Medical Assistance: Donations are open for this program using the link above (note on the memo "medical assistance").

This program was the main sponsor of the largest community campaign against COVID-19, equipping more than 90 nursing teams, providing oxygen tanks, and medication, and hundreds of free home visits to patients across Swaida. The program also provides assistance for acute medical needs. 

Supporting the victims of the Qraya incidence: (Fundraising closed)Thanks to the generous donations of our community, SAS raised $21, 047 matched with $15, 000 from Syriana-Swaida Sustainable Aid and Development (SSAD) for a total of $36, 047. Fund was allocated to address the health needs of the victims of incidence, and support more than 30 livelihood projects at a cost of $750 to secure a dignifying life for families affected by this atrocity. For more information, please visit the project page

2020 Holiday Charity: (Fundraising closed) Thanks to our generous members, we raised $3, 250 matched with $500 from Syriana to sponsor $1, 000 donations to local Churches in support of their humanitarian work, and distribute 65 gifts of SP 100, 000 to families in Syria ($2, 750 in gifts).



Our Vision


We aim to bring together our members' individual charitable efforts into more productive collective projects that enhance our ability to give back to our community to endure difficult times and prevail against adversities. 

Our Mission

W e will pursue our vision via the following programs aim to achieve our goals through the following Programs:

  1. Emergency Fundraising program:

    • Develop a responsive system with a donors database that can be quickly activated in emergencies 

    • Enhance our social media and online fundraising capabilities through our various platforms

    • Establish partnerships with other non-profit organizations to help raise funds for our specific programs.

  2. Humanitarian Assistance program

    • Devise a system to assess the needs the most urgent needs in our community in the US 

    • Explore effective methods to make the greatest impact of the limited resources available.

    • Assure financial transparency and confidentiality of our humanitarian efforts 

  3. Swaida Assistance Efforts : ​

    • Giving back to our community at home is a core value. However, our ability to act as an organization is restricted by the current regulations.

    • To protect our donors, we have established collaborations with partner non-profit organizations with legal and infrastructure specialization to work within Syria

    • We aim to support sustainable aid projects in collaboration with the Professional Development team and partner organizations. 


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